Welcome to A Gift of Health & Healing!Shelly-Elaine

Elaine Thomas opened A Gift of Health in April, 1993.  Shelly Oerlemans joined Elaine in September, 2004  and together they opened A Gift of Health in Humble, Texas.   On January 1, 2010, after successfully managing and growing the store for 3 years, Shelly became the sole owner.  Elaine continues to act as advisor to the store.

Shelly Oerlemans, Owner of A Gift of Health in Humble, Texas.

ShellyShelly is a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor and Certified Holistic Iridologist who has a passion for learning and researching the most effective means to help her clients reach their health potential.

A successful and experienced nutritional consultant, speaker and educator, her common sense and caring approach is very effective. As a retired police officer, Shelly has the ability to inspire hope and inner resolve as a tool to motivate others in overcoming their health challenges.SO

An avid runner and weight training enthusiast, Shelly enjoys helping others reach their weight loss and fitness goals. She also serves as a living example of “fitness over fifty”!

Gloria Endsley, Manager
Gloria Ensley
“I was drawn to the store because of the strong emphasis on education” Gloria says. “I am interested in being healthy in a natural way, and A Gift of Health provides that opportunity. When I met the staff of the store, the Christian atmosphere was very appealing. Every day I am able to serve the customers and pass on the knowledge that I have gained.” Gloria
Gloria joined A Gift of Health in 2009. With her passion for knowledge, her commitment to customers, and her dedication to excellence, Gloria was promoted to manager in 2014. Gloria is not only a valued member of our staff, but a valued resource for our community as a teacher and speaker – imparting her knowledge and wisdom to the benefit and service of others.

Alice Currie-Smithers, Assistant Manager

AliceAlice began her relationship with A Gift of Health as a customer seeking help for her vast health challenges.  She was asked to join the staff of A Gift of Health in 2011.

“A Gift of Health became my family and my lifeline to regain my hope, my sanity, and my health.  I don’t know where I would be today if it weren’t for Shelly, Gloria, Wendy, and Patty.  I am so happy to be able to give to others what this wonderful store has given to me.”  Alice
When Alice first began visiting A Gift of Health, she was receiving training in the medical field.  As she experience life changing help from diet, lifestyle, and the whole body approach (mind, body, spirit) – Alice changed directions and is currently studying to become a Naturopathic Doctor.
Clients are drawn to Alice because of her deep compassion and caring.  With a deep thirst for knowledge and desire to help others, Alice has become an invaluable member of the A Gift of Health family.
Patti Fisk, Accounting

Patti Fisk

A cancer survivor, Patti credits holistic methods, including organic eating as the secret to her long-standing remission . She says…

“Coming to the store enabled me to live pain-free after being diagnosed with cancer. Utilizing alternative methods has given me the knowledge that I do not have to face cancer ever again. My passion is to give hope to newly diagnosed cancer patients and their families and to give those ways to live past the pain, and into health.” Patti

Patti joined A Gift of Health in  2005 .   Patti began by joyfully and enthusiastically helping customers with her playful, contagious spirit.  It quickly became apparent that Patti’s skills included the “financial” arena and Patti keeps A Gift of Health “fiscally healthy”! CBWendy Jones,  Holistic Iridologist, Christian Counselor

WendyWendy brings an emphasis on the importance of knowledge.  With a Masters Degree in Education, Bachelors degree in Pastoral Counseling, and her 15 year career as a High School Teacher, she brings many unique attributes to A Gift of Health.  In addition, Wendy is a Certified Holistic Iridologist.

“I believe the natural path is a true healing process for the body and it has served me well, beginning with my grandmother who shared her knowledge and used her own remedies and healing principles with me.  Because of my obstacles with Western medicine as a young woman, I was drawn back to my grandmothers ways.  I found like minded friends at A Gift of Health and history is in the making. ” Wendy

Wendy is available for private consultations in: Iridology, Temperament Analysis, and Christian Counseling.  She also teaches many classes at A Gift of Health.


Grand Opening

Grand Opening at our new location  September, 2006



10 responses to “About

  1. Alma Montemayor


    I am already your client but i would like to stay connected with updates through email. I love your store and your products and above all, your prices are moderate and you keep it affordable which makes it attainable to achieve our health goals!

  2. Shelly – It was great chatting with you today. I look forward to joining the co-op and to spening more time in your store.

  3. what are your store hours? thx

    • Our Store hours are Monday through Friday 10:00am to 6:00pm…and Saturday 10:00 till 4:00p.m.

      If you subscribe to our website we will give you a one time 15% off your total order!

      Shelly Oerlemans

  4. I heard about your store from as I know him, Meatless Joe from St. Joseph Church New Waverly, who is also helping Father Kim of our parish. I am chemically dependent and am wanting to free myself from this.

    Email me and let me know if I might be able to order the produce, and if you might be able to ship to me out here in New Waverly, TX?
    I sometimes help my husband grow our own food, but when you are in addiction mode, nothing is easy. I really want to become chemically free and live a whole life in Christ Again. Sincerely,

    Deborah Creppon

  5. Shelley,
    Thanks so much for your help today! I enjoyed my first visit so much! I am looking forward to using all of my new goodies! So thankful that He has provided your store to help us with your needs! Even better being half a mile away! Doctors have given us such little hope and thankful that you are providing the gift of health! Firmly believing that this will help us fight all these female problems I have had for ten years and believing that we will be able to conceive naturally through this process! Looking forward to coming back and getting the false unicorn root in early November!
    With all my love,

  6. Shelley, do you have organic coffee that I can use for enemas?
    Kristi Dyson

  7. Maricela Jaimes

    Hello, my name is Maricela and a friend told me about this place when she went to visit some friends out in Houston. My question is, do you know of a place like yours here in San Antonio, TX? My friend told me you had her do some kind of scan and she does not remember the name of that scan. My husband suffers frequent migraines and would like help on finding something natural to help with this issue. Nothing has helped take these migraines away, only Excedrin migraine helps ease it but not take away. Please help. Thanks.

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