cell-powerFebruary is known as heart health month and both Cell Power and Super Silica can provide easy ways for you to support your heart and the entire cardio vascular system.

There is no more important organ in the body than the heart. You can be “brain dead” and still be alive but you can’t be “heart dead” and still be alive. Many people think that the heart is what moves the blood through the body but it’s really more of a mixer. It brings the oxygen into the blood to be transported throughout the body to all the cells.

So, if the heart is the mixer of oxygen in the body, what moves the blood? The arteries, and to some extent the veins, move the blood through the body by peristalsis. Peristalsis is an involuntary muscular movement that flexes the walls of the arteries to expand and contract moving the blood through the body. If we lose flexibility in the arteries and veins the blood won’t flow properly. Silica is needed by the body for resilience (flexibility and structure) in the tissues of the body, including those of the arteries and veins.

Super Silica is a GREAT source of highly absorbable, ionic silica. It’s so easy to put the Super Silica in water and drink it throughout the day.

Cell Power is a high-energy super-nutrient concentrate. Add Cell Power to the water you drink throughout the day and bring energy to the cells of the body. With the proper level of energy reaching each cell, the body will work as it was intended and provide a balanced environment.

The pH of the clear fluids of the body is a very important area of needed balance. When the clear fluids are balanced in a pH range between 7.1 and 7.5, healing takes place more quickly. That range of pH is the “Healing Range”. These clear fluids make up over 50% of our total body fluids. There are clear fluids in the joints, brain, and many other areas. One of those areas that hold clear fluids is in the fluid sac surrounding the heart, these are the pericardial fluids. Let’s provide a good balance of clear fluids around the heart so that it can effectively operate today and for years to come.

We believe the best way to test whether your clear fluids are in the healing pH range is through a saliva pH test first thing in the morning before you eat or drink anything. The Power of pH Test Strips are an easy way to check once a week to see if your body is truly pH balanced.

Super Silica for structure and flexibility, Cell Power for cellular energy so that the body balances itself, and The Power of pH Test Strips to see if you are in the “Healing Range” are all great ways to support your cardio vascular system.




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