One million people are diagnosed with shingles every year. They are the eruption of an acute nervous system infection caused by the Herpes Zoster virus (the same that causes chicken pox). Infectious herpes type blisters appear on the body around the rib cage or on the lower back around the waist area. One in ten people who had chicken pox as a child develops shingles later in life. Other things that can bring on an outbreak are a reaction to certain medications, especially antibiotics, like penicillin, stress, liver exhaustion, food additives, shellfish, or-chlorinated drinking water, msg, dairy products to name a few.

Corticosteroid drugs are frequently prescribed but over time it weakens the immune system allowing for recurring attacks. Acetaminophen, and pain relievers like Tylenol can aggravate the blisters. Some doctors are pushing to get the vaccine which sometimes brings on an outbreak instead of preventing it.   There are many natural therapies to deal with shingles. Since it is a virus, the first line of defense is to go on a short 3 day stress Detox diet to eliminate wastes and alkalize the blood. By drinking a combination of carrot, beet, and cucumber juice or apple, carrot, and celery juice several times a day until symptoms subside and avoiding acid forming foods or drinks, like red meats, cheese, caffeine, fried foods, sodas, additives, and preservatives to name a few.

B vitamins are extremely helpful as several of the B’s help with the nerves that get inflamed and infected because of the virus. Taking extra B12 and B6 along with a good B-complex can help. B Propolis, a component found in bee hives acts as a natural antibiotic that can kill the virus. Proteolytic and pancreatic enzymes may accelerate the healing of shingles. Mega doses of vitamin C and E treats and alleviates the pain. Topical treatments include Comfrey from the trauma plant, calendula, cats claw, Neem pills and Neem ointment, sage tea (tea bags can be used after cooling and applied to the lesions) peppermint oil, tamanu and capsaicin cream, DMSO, or MSM cream. There are so many healthier ways to treat shingles and prevent it, so don’t suffer any longer than you have to.

Gloria Endsley

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