What is Your Body Saying???

What is Your Body Saying???

Our face, tongue, and fingernails reveal strengths and weaknesses within our body’s health. Any information we receive about our health should be triangulated and viewed in relation to a person’s body type and constitution. In other words, a deficiency should be taken more seriously if there is a marker noted in three different measuring areas utilized by natural health standards. For example, the eyes give a more general view of genetic strengths and weaknesses within the body. The nails show a more chronic issue view of body systems. The tongue shows acute issues that could be happening within the body.

Iridology is the study of the eyes in relation to our body’s health. An iridologist is trained and uses a variety of tools usually, to help someone help themselves. Do you have a strong constitution? An iridologist could help you answer this question.

Ears and tongues have long been studied in relation to body health. The ears are said to be associated with the kidneys. The tongue can be viewed for its vitality, movement, shape, color, moisture, markings, and coating. The ancient Chinese view the tongue as a map of our organs.

If you are interested in knowing more about any of these topics in regard to your health please do your own research and go speak with certified and knowledgeable natural health advisors. A Gift of Health in Humble could be your destination for information…….


–Wendy Jones

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