Do You Chew Your Foods?

Do you chew your food? Do we chew properly? These are important question, because digestion begins in our mouth…. Our saliva contains enzymes that break our food down, and chewing is the mechanical process that enables this initial process. If our teeth are not able to break down our food, then why should we be alarmed when our stomach has problems?? We need to eat slowly and chew. We need to eat in a relaxed setting. This affects the quality of our chewing. We need to avoid liquids while eating. Liquids dilute our enzymes and their effectiveness. We should think about including foods at our meals that naturally contain enzymes—like fruits. Many times digestion is easier with the right food combinations. A meal of all fats will take longer and slower to digest. We need to add foods from different groups at our meals. We need more servings of fruits and vegetables than we do meats or greasy fats. Variety is the key…. Our liver, pancreas, and gall bladder do aide in the proper utilization of our food.  The liver creates bile and stores needed protein for metabolic purposes. The gall bladder holds bile and removes sodium from the bile and pumps it back into the bloodstream. The pancreas produces juices needed to move digestive process along. It also regulates insulin production. Insulin is the “control” to our blood sugar levels. Do we want less digestive issues? We need to take care of the “tools” or body parts that are used in the digestive process……..


–Wendy Jones

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