For those who aren’t familiar with Dr. Bach and his method of healing, this is worth learning more about for your happiness and wellbeing..The Bach Flower essences were developed in the late 1920’s early 30’s  in England. Dr. Bach was concerned about the treatment of the whole person, body, mind and spirit. We all know how our emotions are pivotal in affecting our overall health. When we experience an emotional trauma, like the death of a loved one or shock due to an accident, we can rely on Star of Bethlehem, as it heals and deals with the emotions of grief, shock or sadness. Someone  that has OCD might choose White Chestnut, since it is good for a restless mind and obsessive thoughts. If you know of someone that is critical or intolerant or easily finds fault, then give them some Beech, to help their annoyance and irritability. There are 38 Bach Flower essences that deal with some type of emotional issues and then there are some that are in combination, like Rescue Remedy, which contain 5 flower essenses. The combination deals with all levels of stress, shock, trauma, anxiety, panic, terror etc. When our bodies and mind deal with too much stress or trauma it can cause major health issues like elevated blood pressure, weight gain, sleeplessness, fatigue, depression, just to name a few. So the next time you go to a doctor to be treated for one or more of these issues and he wants to prescribe sleeping pill or anti anxiety or depression meds maybe consider trying an emotional remedy first. It will get to the heart of the problem and heal instead of causing more anxiety and distress. With no side effects.

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