Consumer/Employee Lecture

Come join us on

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

With Valerie Hall!

TIME:  2:30pm

At: A Gift of Health, 7060 FM1960 Road East* Atascocita

(281) 540-4372

 Valerie Hall – Bio

Valerie Hall C.N.H.P

Valerie Hall is a Certified Natural Health Professional and Nutritional Consultant. Her enthusiasm and passion for natural health have made her a popular speaker to thousands of health seeking individuals each year. She educates on how foods and nutrients can help us achieve health and healing naturally. Valerie has specialized in nutritional education for the past 12 years, and speaks throughout the United States. She is a regular guest on radio programs from coast to coast, and is the featured nutritional educator on the “San Diego Living” TV show. It airs on CW Channel 6, from 9 – 10 am, Monday through Friday in San Diego County.

 Valerie conducts seminars on many health subjects, including Healthy Bones and Joints; Controlling Blood Sugar; Digestive Health Naturally; Improve Your Skin Health Naturally; Go Beyond Calories for Successful Weight Loss; Heart Health; Slowing the Aging Process; Brain Health…Memory and Mood; Nutrition for Kids and Teens; and Support your Immune System. Seminar locations include health food stores, health care organizations, and natural health conventions. DVDs of many of her seminars are available in health food stores and on her website.

 Please register in advance!

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