Flower Essences-Using Plants to Help Us Heal Emotionally

Flower essences are vibrational (homeopathic-like) remedies made from the flowers of plants. They are used to help a person find healing on an emotional, rather than a physical or mental level.

Dr. Edward Bach, an English medical doctor and homeopath, discovered how to use flowers for emotional healing and created the first 38 flower essence remedies, known collectively as Bach Flower Essences. He also created an “emotional first-aid” blend of five flower essences called Rescue Remedy.

To understand how flower essences work, we need to understand that plants have to overcome challenges in their environment, just like we do. Plants, like people, have an energy or characteristics that help them rise above these challenges. This energy can be likened to a person’s personality, which allows a person to cope in a positive way with the challenges they encounter in life.

When we take a flower essence it can break through blocks in our heart, where we are in denial about what we really feel (and think). It can help us face feelings we aren’t acknowledging or are simply blaming on others. This increased awareness helps us make constructive changes in our thoughts and behaviors, which guides us back to a more centered or emotionally-balanced place, leading to increased feelings of peace, calm, love and happiness.

We carry a wide range of Flower essences along with seven new flower essence blends that we are excited about.

DISTRESS REMEDY: is the basic remedy for helping us to be more emotionally centered. It promotes presence and awareness in traumatic situations, eases stress and promotes self-awareness or enlightenment.

KEEP COOL: a blend that helps to ease feelings of anger and irritability. It helps a person learn to control their temper and to work through problems by communicating rather than fighting.

FIND STRENGTH: when a person lacks the ability to get in touch with their anger and stand up to abuse, Find Strength can help rebuild their energy. It helps promotes healthy personal boundaries, the ability to stand one’s ground and say “no” to unreasonable expectations and demands and the ability to fight back when one is being taken advantage of or abused.

RELEASE IT: When a person is grieving any loss, Release It can help them move through their grief, release what they have lost and find comfort and healing. It helps a person let go of the past and find inner strength to carry on. It is also good for people who feel like they are victims in life.

OPEN HEART: a blend for people who have been so deeply wounded that they have a difficult time trusting others or feeling sensitivity or compassion. It helps a person face past hurts and emotional wounds and open their hearts again to love and intimacy.

BE COURAGEOUS: helps us face our fears and be Be Courageous flower essence aids a person’s feelings of courage, self-confidence and self-reliance. It helps people overcome their fears and aids decision-making by helping a person have more trust in their own judgment.

BE RESPONSE -ABLE: many times people dodge their pain and the difficult decisions of life by engaging in self-defeating behaviors. It takes self-awareness and a sense of responsibility to overcome addictive, compulsive or self-defeating behaviors. Be Response-Able helps a person get in touch with the emotions that are driving their dysfunctional behavior so they can start to make better decisions.

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