Classes offered!

Basic Iridology Class taught by           Elaine Thomas:

Basic Iridology Class

The Class will cover:

~Over 30 Iris markings
~Scientific and Biblical
validation of the Science of Iridology
~Iridology’s use as a
tool of Analysis revealing:

  • An individual’s inherent strengths and weakness
  • The presence of toxicity and inflammation in the body
  • Biochemical deficiencies
  • Reflex patterns of distress
  • The possible “roots” of dis-ease

~Included in this class will be an emphasis on:

  • How lifestyles and living patterns can lead to destruction of health
  • How the eyes provide information to build health, energy, and fitness
  • How to rebuild health that is lost and maintain energy and fitness
  • The theory of the Healing Crisis

And so much more!

Cost: $50.00 for “friends of A Gift of Health” 
(space limited – call to reserve your place) 
Held at: A Gift of Health • 7060 FM 1960 East • Humble, Texas 77066
Contact info: •  281-540-4372
Date:  October 1, 2011  (10am – 4pm)
For more information about classes offered:
For more information about Elaine Thomas:
For more information about A Gift of Health in Humble:

One response to “Classes offered!

  1. Elaine. Count me in. Pat, Emilie and her family and I need to be assessed and reassessed. I’m doing better. My numbers were markedly better at the Dr.’s office. My good cholestrol needs to come up some, but overall i’m doing much better. My tummy is still having some problems from time to time. Let us know when we can come see you. Love. Cheryl Stalinsky

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